Beware for I am Fearless & therefore Powerful

I’ve made a new piece of work for an exhibition at this years Grassington Festival. There’s a preview TONIGHT at 7.30.  This year’s exhibition celebrates diversity of taste, personality and culture, using aprons as a blank canvas.

My apron is called: Beware for I am Fearless and therefore Powerful. It’s a double apron, the first is folkloric and embroidered, attached to it with ribbons is a second ‘masonic’ style apron. There are two quotes embazoned across it. The first is from Annie Besant : “Through Storm to Peace”, the second is from Mary Shelley “Beware for I am fearless and therefore powerful” Something apt and positive after this week of turmoil

Power Apron5

All the aprons have been made by invited artists, designers and craftspeople. They have responded to our theme of Convergence: All Roads Lead to Grassington and will be wearable, fun, political and extravagant. Some aprons will be for sale.

I’m looking forward to seeing how other people have responded to the theme.

Exhibition: An Array of Aprons

continues from the 28th June – 2nd July.  11am-4pm

Venue: Festival Hall, Grassington

Power Apron4


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