Stockton-on-Tees – SIRF Carnival pictures 2015

It was SIRF carnival day up in Stockton-on-Tees on the 1st of August and I’ve finally got around to posting some photos from the day.  The carnival looked absolutely fantastic, the sun shone and everyone threw themselves into it! These pictures are from my costume groups.  This years carnival parade followed a specially commissioned story about the history of Stockton.  My section was the first, about a Victorian circus arriving in town.

sirf 2015 circus06

Tees Alive as Big Head Growly Animals!

sirf 2015 circus20

Urban Kaos dance school with their horses

sirf 2015 circus42

The Glebe Primary were a Flea Circus spinning plates on sticks

sirf 2015 circus01

A pair of Fleas from Glebe Primary

sirf 2015 circus10

Performing Poodles from Harrow Gate Primary

sirf 2015 circus25

Family Support with their backpack Clowns!

sirf 2015 circus15

Circus folk from Bobby Dazzlers Dance Academy – they did some brilliant cartwheels through the parade

sirf 2015 circus34

SIRF Volunteers are people who give up their time to help keep the festival running – this year I dressed them all as circus folk and they joined in with the parade too. This is Doug Harris, who also just happens to be a brilliant unicyclist!

sirf 2015 circus02 sirf 2015 circus03 sirf 2015 circus04 sirf 2015 circus05 sirf 2015 circus07 sirf 2015 circus08 sirf 2015 circus09 sirf 2015 circus11 sirf 2015 circus12 sirf 2015 circus13 sirf 2015 circus14 sirf 2015 circus16 sirf 2015 circus19 sirf 2015 circus21 sirf 2015 circus22 sirf 2015 circus23 sirf 2015 circus24 sirf 2015 circus27 sirf 2015 circus28 sirf 2015 circus31 sirf 2015 circus33 sirf 2015 circus35 sirf 2015 circus36 sirf 2015 circus37 sirf 2015 circus38 sirf 2015 circus39 sirf 2015 circus40 sirf 2015 circus41 sirf 2015 circus44 sirf 2015 circus46 sirf 2015 circus48 sirf 2015 circus49 sirf 2015 circus50 sirf 2015 circus53 sirf 2015 circus55 sirf 2015 circus57 sirf 2015 circus58


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