Circus Fleas and Growly animals for SIRF Carnival

So I’ve been trekking up and down to Stockton-on-Tees working with groups to make their costumes for this years SIRF Carnival Parade.  My section is based on the Circus so I’ve been working on circus folk and animals. Here are a couple of examples in the studio.  The Big Growly heads really are quite big – made in willow to sit on the shoulders so your head is visible through the teeth.  Your head really does look very small inside there! I’m hoping they’ll have a bit of a folkloric look, they’re naive and cartoonish in style with a hint of menace! Hopefully by the end of the workshop on Monday we’ll have a whole troupe of 20 miscellaneous Growlers!

big head growly tiger 1Another group are being a Flea Circus Troupe.  They’ll be wearing helmets with little top hats – there will be about 30 fleas in the parade.  I’ve a troupe of Performing Poodles too so I’m guessing the fleas will follow along behind them…

flea heads examples1

Flea Circus helmets

I’ll also have a small group of backpack clowns.  This is my example strapped in the car and ready to drive up to Stockton to meet his group.

clown in car


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