Chionodoxa (glory of the snow) Exhibition at Cupola Contemporary Arts

chionodoxa 1

Chionodoxa (glory of the snow)

14 March  – 18 April

Preview: Friday 13 March, 7:30pm onwards

no 91 canvas full small

No.91: Bright Bird (acrylic on canvas) by Morwenna Catt

Unusually for me I have a painting in this exhibition as well as some sutably snowy textile works. My partner Lucas Stephens also has some work in this one.


Precipitation by Lucas Stephens

Hilary Cartmel        sculpture
Peter Griffiths        painting/sculpture
Shirley Redpath     collage
Lesley Lister          textiles
Colleen Penny       painting
Alison Tyldesley    painting
Diana Syder          painting
Frances Lee          ceramics
Lucas Stephens    painting
Morwenna Catt      textile sculpture
Philip Hearsey       sculpture

Frances Lee                   ceramics
Lois Palframan               painting
A. Rosemary Watson    printmaking
Kate Smith                     digital drawing
Gillian McFarland           painting
Kate Sully                       sculpture
Claire Lee                       sculpture
Catherine Harnett           printmaking
Louise Lovell                   jewellery
Simon Stamatiou            ceramics
Helen Scouller                textile sculpture

Despite the title flowers are very thin on the ground in this exhibition. Artists were invited to submit images they felt responded to the title of the show.

Cupola always encourages broad interpretations for diverse submissions across all media.  Selected work has mostly fallen into two camps.  The artists seem to be split between work which is either very bold containing almost a violent energy, or, gentle forms and images with limited colour and subtle mark making.

“This contrast is what makes the exhibition. Artists use their energy to create images & forms that have the power to  stimulate our interest and curiosity and re-awaken senses that, like the winter earth, may have lain dormant for a while.” Karen Sherwood, Director & Curator.


About morwennacatt

Artist / designer / illustrator
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