Big Bad Animal Stoles

Here’s a closer look at the embroidered stoles I’ve been making.

reynard naughty fox stoles60

Reynard the Naughty French Fox

reynard naughty fox stoles61

He has the Eiffel Tower along the length of his back.

panther stoles49

A Black Panther (with angelic thoughts)

day of the dead for cupola stoles42

day of the dead sold stoles53Day of the Dead stoles I and II

mephistopheles stoles34

Mephistopheles Stole

Owl stole3

Horatio the Owl

Alphonse french fox stoles48

Alphonse, a French Fox

emile stoles67

Emile, the sneaky French Fox

fb wolf stole prototype04

The first stole I made was this one, He’s a Big Bad Wolf


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Artist / designer / illustrator
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5 Responses to Big Bad Animal Stoles

  1. LOVE these! Genius idea, and their faces! So full of character! X

  2. Do you sell these? (Silly question… I mean do you etsy or similar?) love so mch!

  3. morwennacatt says:

    Hi, Thanks very much! Yes I do sell them. I’ve had some in Cupola Gallery in Sheffield over xmas. Most of the stoles on here have been sold but I’m collecting what’s left later this week and I’ll be putting them on my etsy page then. I’m also making more so I’ll put them on here as I finish them. To be honest I haven’t really got the hang of Etsy yet – I keep forgetting it’s there! Here’s the link, not much on it yet but I promise to stock it soon! I’ll put a post on this blog when I’ve stocked it.

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