Camorabbit’s Etsy Shop now open for Artist Multiples – Testicles + Austerity Measures

I’ve opened an Etsy Shop under the banner of Camorabbit.  I’m trying it as a bit of an experiment to see if it’s a worthwhile outlet to sell my artist multiples.  It’s taken me ages setting it up today – but so far I’ve got a grand total of three things listed.  All with a bit of a political bent:

First up are David Cameron’s Stress Testicles (Voodoo Edition) (follow the link to the shop)

David Cameron’s Stress Testicles (Deluxe Voodoo Edition)

Each anatomically designed box contains:

One set of lovingly hand stitched ‘True Blue’ testicles (containing a pair of martial arts hand training gel ‘eggs’).
Presentation Pochette in blue velveteen with gold embroidered caption.
A set of hygienic, premium quality Voodoo Pins
Cameron ‘testicle target’ visualization aid.
Full set of instructions.

cameron testicles in box3

Testicle presentation box

david camerons testicles 21

Testicles with Velveteen presentation pochette and gold embroidered label (pins: serving suggestion)

david camerons testicles info sheet fbcamerons testicles visualisation aid

Select from Classic Black, Angry Pink or Hopeful Orange box colourways.

all for the bargain price of 25 GBP plus P+P

I’ve also listed my Austerity Measures. (link to shop)

Practical six inch Austerity Measures.  A political Artist Multiple depicting ways to overcome the austerity measures enforced by the UK government. Cartoon depictions of helpful tips such as: sell body, boil shoes for soup, sell cat to furrier etc.

Vibrant pink colourway.
An Ideal austerity stocking filler or birthday gift.

austerity measure cartoons 02

Also available as a Photographic montage Austerity Measure (link to shop)

austerity measure photos 02


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One Response to Camorabbit’s Etsy Shop now open for Artist Multiples – Testicles + Austerity Measures

  1. gregorylent says:

    bosscatt, love love love how your work has continued to evolve!!

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