>Sofa Monkey + co in progress


I‘ve been attempting to reupholster my old 1960’s sofa – I’ve had it for years and it cost the grand sum of 20 quid from a second hand shop. I used to keep it in the studio and many artists over the years have taken their rejuvenating afternoon naps on it! Anyway I took it home when I moved house a few years back and finally got fed up of its muddy green velour, black paint and pancake flat cushion. I stripped the arms and base back to bare wood and bought it a new foam cushion.

My upholstery skills leave a lot to be desired so I’m aiming for quirky, psychedelic flower power over beautifully crafted. I’ve finished hand-sewing the bottom cushion together and put on some newly covered buttons – it’s gone slightly baggy already so I can see myself having to redo it. I’ve used a mix of new and vintage fabrics patch-worked together with vintage edgings and military braid.  

For the back rest I’ve decided to make a series of faces that will be patched together, again with braid and vintage edging – I’ve completed a monkey and a bird – I guess I need another 2 or 3 to finish it.

About morwennacatt

Artist / designer / illustrator
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