>Burnett & Catt – Recycled Costume – reposting


This is a costume constructed of recycled materials which we designed and created between March and May last year (2008). We were pretty proud of it at the time. It was commissioned by a Theatre company, although we were given free rein to interpret the theme as we wished. They use it at events promoting recycling. We thought that we’d come up with a quirky and original idea. The ‘powdered’ wig is constructed entirely of recycled knits/gloves etc. The dress itself is embroidered carrier bags stitched over recycled fabric. There are all sorts of odd bits and pieces, toys and offcuts of fur etc, nestled amongst the embroidery. Her fans are embroidered carrier bags and detergent bottles. These photos were taken on the night we finished the costume and are taken without the full underskirts so unfortunately its not so easy to catch all the detail in them. This is the probably the most viewed collection of images on the blog, ‘recycled costume’ being,understandably, a very popular search term. Please see more of our costume and carnival work on my website.



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One Response to >Burnett & Catt – Recycled Costume – reposting

  1. vivityviv says:

    >I loved this at the time, & still do. The quality of the idea, & the execution (pun alert!) is second to none.

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