>Colouring Outside the Lines Exhibition – preview images

>Images from the exhibition preview this evening.

Images of my Phrenology and Crow works in the show below.

I loved Carolyn Mendelsohn’s work (below). The black boxes open to reveal magical lightboxes with accompanying sounds.

Helen Musselwhite is showing incredibly intricate and beautiful papercuts set in bell jars.
I also loved these birds by Abigail Brown, especially the owl…


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5 Responses to >Colouring Outside the Lines Exhibition – preview images

  1. chantal says:

    >Exhibition looks fab – congratulations. Your heads look amazing on the black plinths, good choice.I absolutely love Carolyn Mendelsohn's boxes. I'm going to see if I can find her website now and check out more of her work.

  2. Carolyn says:

    >Such a delicious exhibition, with light and darkness, and visual/sensory treats. I am so glad you enjoyed my work. I was so moved by your work Morwenna. Hope to meet up soon.

  3. >Morwenna, thanks so much for posting such great photographs from the opening night! In all the hubbub I don't think I managed to take many good ones at all. Melanie xox

  4. Rachel says:

    >these are amazing! Morwenna i'd love a copy of these if you would be willing? I only took a picture of the gingerbread men and my foot. i don't know what happened….hahaha

  5. vivityviv says:

    >Loved this show, especially the crows 🙂

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