>Public Art Project in Progress (Sheep)

These images show the development of a current project to create a sculpture for a town centre space. Last year I was commissioned to undertake the consultation with the general public and make sure that local people had a say in the final piece. The local community decided on a sheep sculpture in stone, with a realistic/comic element and the final theme was voted on as – a shopping sheep. Later I was commissioned to design and create the final piece. Anyway the pictures show a few of the stages of the design process – from sketchbook roughs through to my maquette to it’s current stage, also pictured is the life size version in clay which will be used to create the mould for the cast stone to be fabricated locally by Martin Bond.


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Artist / designer / illustrator
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2 Responses to >Public Art Project in Progress (Sheep)

  1. koshka says:

    >Absolutely wonderful

  2. Anonymous says:

    >THE GRAND UNVEILING TODAY!!!!I hope you had a wonderful time and are suitably getting a little tipply by now as you well deserve!The images look amazing, would love to see some images after the unveiling anf when im next up that way im coming to see!A big hug ang hearty congrats to ya!Sal x

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